Keeping The Carpet Clean – Advice

Cleaning the home is one of the activities I want to do to settle me down. Weird yeah, I know? There’s just something about the scent of cleaning supplies and the idea of just only a few minutes getting it in its place. The one aspect that irritates me is the tapestry. We have a newer carpet so it appears to be a work in itself to repair it. I love the look and sound of the carpet so when I’m in need I find myself with two kids and three cats at a loss for cleaning ideas. I’ve come up with a lot of carpet saving ideas through the years that I figured I’d post with people going through the same scenario as me. Checkout carpetcleanerswinnipeg for more info.

Cleaning up carpets is an art type. Advanced carpet cleaners seem to have some magic trick that cleans out the stains and leaves markings to render the carpet as fresh as new. To me it’s crazy how they manage it. However, I work under a budget and professional carpet cleaning services are more frequently than once a year simply not in the budget. When cutting back on these programs the first challenge for me was to find a way to keep the carpet as long as possible. On the inside and outside of the door I applied an extremely wide entry rug. In order to facilitate shoe removal a bench and shoe rack are installed outside in our garage’s vestibule section.

Another problem with keeping our carpet tidy is my husband is a fan of flip flops. Along with that is mud from her feet that over time makes stains on the ground. I can’t handle dirty feet and I let her brush them when I’m home but that’s not always the case. I consider water and white vinegar with soil that has been documented as the perfect treatment for stain removal. I put this paste in a spray tank, so the contaminated squirt will not saturate it. Instead I grab a warm, white cloth and rub the mark lightly before it’s gone.

I find that rubbing spills scatter the dye, and often just push it further into the fabrics of the fabric. I always notice that being overly aggressive can cause the fabrics of the carpet to degrade making the carpet look older than it is. To clear the mark thoroughly and completely, take a thick white cloth and a large item and put it on the spot after the stain has been blotted. Making this overnight can remove the stain from deep inside the carpet to the fabric, leaving the carpet clean on the floor as well as deep down.